Nothing Artificial About This

The Hillshire Farm brand believes that when it comes to what you eat, the most important ingredient is quality. That’s why Hillshire Farm Naturals® Smoked Sausage and Lunchmeat are all natural*, with no artificial ingredients. Ever. No MSG and no nitrates or nitrites added**. Just 100% natural*, simple and delicious.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.
**Except those naturally occurring in celery juice powder and sea salt.

Delicious Food Comes Naturally

Our craftsmen believe that your whole family should be able to enjoy the goodness of the farm at home. That’s why they created Hillshire Farm Naturals® Smoked Sausage and Lunchmeat. With a short list of ingredients you can pronounce and recognize, our food doesn’t just taste great, but you can feel great about eating it, too.