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Yard-O-Beef® Summer Sausage

The Yard-O-Beef® beef Summer Sausage is made with quality cuts of beef and smoked the old-fashioned way to give big flavor in a big summer sausage.

Summer Sausage

For our ready-to-serve Summer Sausage, we start with quality cuts of meat then smoke it with natural hardwoods, giving it that smoked flavor in every bite.

Beef Summer Sausage

Our Beef Summer Sausage is smoked the old-fashioned way with natural hardwoods, providing an irresistible smoked flavor in every bite.

Hot Smoked Sausage

With its intense flavor and aroma, this Smoked Sausage with Jalapeno adds spice appeal to any meal.

Turkey Smoked Sausage

Have an easy meal that's savory, hearty and delicious. This Smoked Sausage is fully cooked and seasoned to deliver a satisfying meal.

Chicken Smoked Sausage Roasted Garlic

Bold and rustic flavors give this Smoked Sausage a savory taste with less fat. With roasted garlic and quality cuts of chicken, you’ll get full flavor with ease.