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Tortilla Chip Lasagna

Take everything you love about lasagna and put it on a tortilla chip. Enjoy this tortilla lasagna recipe with Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage.

Voodoo Pasta

Conjure up a spicy Alfredo sauce with blackened Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage. It’s not magic, it’s voodoo pasta.

Smoked Sausage Mamma Jamma

An Italian sausage sandwich recipe with Hillshire Farm® Italian Style Smoked Sausage piled high with roasted peppers, onions and provolone.

Southwest Mac And Cheese

Add Hillshire Farm® Turkey Pepper Jack Links, salsa and of course extra cheese to your Southwest mac and cheese recipe to make it really great.

Texicali Tacos

Enjoy the Southwest flavors in these tasty sausage tacos with Hillshire Farm® Beef Smoked Sausage.

Smoked Sausage Supreme Hash

This robust and hearty sausage hash recipe with baby spinach and russet potatoes is perfect for any meal or even leftovers.