The farm. The food. The craft.

These are the things we value.

Back in 1934, our founder knew that quality was the most important ingredient in everything he made. So he partnered with the best farms. Chose the best cuts of meat. And perfected his craft of smoking, curing, roasting and seasoning.

His legacy has been passed down from generation to generation.

Our craftsmen continue to passionately pursue greatness in every recipe.  You can find it in our meticulously smoked and seasoned sausages.  And experience it in our fresh tasting slow roasted turkey.  You can discover it in our new, savory flavors and seasonings, because no matter what we create, it all leads back to our obsession with the farm.  The food. And our craft.

We welcome your suggestions.  We want to answer your questions.  And hear your complaints.  You're the reason we do what we do.  And what you think is really important.  So email us.

Our farm door is always open to you.